800-bit Computers

800-bit computers are abnormal artificial machines that look like computers but are used in a special way. These include..

  • Inserting information into a robot
  • Chatting with proper human voice to a real life human
  • Growing legs and walking
    • Being used for animating and/or controlling human minds
    • Creating and/or mutating atoms through sodium explosions


All supercomputers use close to impossible programming, and no one can include the scripts of a supercomputer, but looks like this. It is very hard to create a computer, let alone a supercomputer

[[[[IF]]]]][[[[[HEAT]]]]]]: M; [[[SAY:HELLO]]]

This would cause a machine when feeling a lot of heat from a speaker, from your voice, it'd say HELLO, probably a name of a voice file saying Hello.

Produce Computers

Produce computers make target items such as a button.


This article is a laptop.

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