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Whilst few would agree that WowWee RoboBoa is the most attractive of AI pets currently available, few of RoboBoa’s peers can boast quite the level of functionality offered by this robotic Python.Naturally, as seems to be an obligatory requirement of all robots these days, RoboBoa will dance to your favourite tunes whilst flashing its eyes and he will even dance to your MP3 play lists thanks to a built in audio jack (cable not supplied).

RoboBoa also offers an ‘Explore Mode’ whereby it will scan the room and move around interacting with everything in its path (i.e., head-butting the wife’s foot repeatedly). Further modes include ‘Aware Mode’, which is basically a movement tracking function, ‘Track Mode’ – basically the same, but RoboBoa will shine a light (sorry, shine its penetrating laser been eyes) at anything that moves – as well as ‘Super Shooter’ where RoboBoa will shoot its machine gun, cannon and laser at anything that moves (can you see a theme developing?) whilst also shooting out codes that other WowWee robots will react to.

So far so…reasonably uninspiring until you factor in that RoboBoa will also serve as a smart desk light (thanks to motion tracking) a safety light and a wake up alarm (probably in the form of a cannon/laser beam/machine gun rampage combo).

The RoboBoa consists of four motorised sections, a 20 watt while LED for spot illumination, six ‘personality’ LEDs (RoboBoa is obviously suffering from some kind of bi-polar disorder), an IR sensor and tri-colour LED eyes and comes with a 41 function remote control that doubles up as a flashlight. retails for approximately $220 / £108 / €159.